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BETA Video is a San Francisco based video production company that works with the startup, corporate and non-profit sectors to produce the video that sets them apart from a saturated market, and taps into the emotional resonance of their story. From production planning and writing, to shooting and editing, we can help you along every step of the way.

Our Recent Work.

Recent work. (We also have a reel.)

As expressed in terrible haiku (and actual videos).
Jackery Product Video


mobile devices
intertwined in our days
never lose power

Leo App Industrial

Leo App

young and beautiful
sharing life in vignette via
ephemeral chat

Cellscope Trade Show Lop


babies are crying
it’s otitis media
here’s a picture doc

Entreda Explainer


tired overwhelmed
by sprawling technology
consolidate it

Coyuchi Social Media


rustic elegance
it’s okay to lust over
luxurious beds

Stripe Interview


a ceo speaks
about his startup’s culture
sweet deal sign me up

You are in good company.

Our Clients

What can we do for you?

Hyperbolic speaking, everything. More specifically (but not limited to):
Our Services

Turnkey Production

Our services include:
Full HD/4K Video Shooting
Editing/Post Production
Concept Development/Writing
Casting/Production Planning
Motion Graphics/Color Grading
Full Location Lighting/Sound
Voice Over and Music Sourcing

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

We have experience shooting:
Startup Explainer Videos
Product Marketing Videos
Industrial/Commercial Work
Broadcast Footage
Crowdfunding Videos
Social Media Content
Ethnographic Market Research

Full-Service Creative

Some clients have a clear vision, while others need a little help getting there.  Most production companies only shoot and edit. We do everything including high-level creative work (concept development, script writing), and vital pre-production logistics (casting actors, location scouting).

A little about who we are,

and what you sign up for when you decide to work with us.

No one tells you this, but production is really just the sum of a series of choices. There are usually several different ways to accomplish the same goal, and like anything else, corresponding tradeoffs.  Sometimes the seemingly smallest choices can have huge implications.  Other times, devoting a little more attention to something subtle can end up having a profound impact on your end product. Meticulous production planning now, saves headaches and budget later.

We help you understand, and successfully navigate, the choices you will encounter on the road to realizing your vision.  Our knowledge (and transparency) will guide you through the creative and technical sides of the production process, and help you understand how smart choices can lead to an awesome video within your budget.

BETA Video is a full-service creative agency started by director and DP Neil Schwartz in 2009, after spending the previous decade working in both film production and marketing. Over the years, Neil has directed short and feature documentaries and produced commercial and industrial work for clients, ranging from Bay Area startups to national campaigns.

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